Warframe codes 2018

Warframe Codes

Warframe Promo Codes 2018 allow you to obtain great rewards in-game, such as weapons, boosters, skins and even more.

What is Warframe?

Warframe is an incredibly popular game where you play as a super powerful cyber ninja, whose name is Tenno. Tenno is all set in the game’s lexicon to assassinate everything that comes in its way across the galaxy- hoarding cash, harvesting loot and growing more deadly and more powerful with every kill. The best part of the game is that it is free to play. Warframe is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and computer. With all these amazing features and also being a free game to play, you must be wondering why this game is not that famous and does not have a huge community playing this title? Well, the answer lies in the game itself.

Is it worth to go back?

Warframe has evolved immensely over the course of five years. When the game was launched back in 2013, there were many bumps, the content was not that compact, the game features were boring and it was really difficult to find a community to help you with answering your questions about the game and its complicated systems. But that was so many years ago! Now, Warframe is a completely different game to play; many new things have been included in a connected gameplay and Warframe promo codes for PC, XBOX and PS4.

Players who played both the versions of the game will be able to tell you how much it has changed since it was first launched. The basic structure of the game is same but the content is much better now, every mission does not feel like a stand-alone mission. The game, however, has its own small content intact so that you can enjoy it, even if you are playing for just a moment. Players know the game best for engaging gameplay and great graphics. However, the leaping, slicing, and shooting are still the best part of the game. It is one of those that you will not like to miss out on.

Game currencies

In the Warframe, we have various game currencies. Actually, currencies are just different forms of money, by using which players can use different items, weapons or services. In this game, there are total four currencies, used for various exchange markets and these are Credits, Ducats, Platinum, and Standing. And apart from Platinum, you can exclusively earn all other currencies by playing the game. You cannot purchase them or trade with real-world currency. Though, you can very easily convert purchased platinum into credits by using the High Roller Credit Bundle or Frugal Credit Bundle from the market.


Tenno from WarframeThink about credits as standard currency. You can use them to purchase equipment, blueprints, and various weapons from the market. Also, you can use them in the Foundry as a token cost to create an item from any blueprint or in the transmutation and fusion of Mods. Credits are an important part of this game and you would like to get as many as possible.

Every time you cross a level in the game or complete a mission, you will obtain credits, which are dependent on the difficulty level of the mission. Players may also receive a team bonus or credit, which is equal to one-tenth the normal mission bonus multiplied by the number of players in your team excluding you, in the game. Also, there are a few missions, named as alert missions and by accomplishing those missions you can get high credit reward and it will increase your total score.


Ducats are a form of currency, needed to purchase different items from Baro Ki’Teer like exclusive weapons or special mods. You can also use them for the final Conclave sacrifice. You can get these ducats by selling prime blueprints, amazing weapon parts and skilled Warframe components at the Void Trader’s Kiosks based in the Relays. These exclusive blueprints and parts are collected from void relics, or by trading with other skilled players. You need to understand that access to Baro Ki’Teer is time-dependent and you will not be able to access it after a certain amount of time but, you can access the void trader’s Kiosks at any point of time.

How to get Platinum?

First of all, consider platinum as a premium currency, with an option to buy with dollars or to trade with others. You can pick platinum in packs of different quantities and you can purchase them on the official game website. Another way to receive Platinum currency is using the Warframe Codes. Which you will find below. You can use Platinum to purchase weapons, Warframes, various equipment, Mod packs, sentinels and other important items. Also, you can use them to instantly complete crafting of required items in the Foundry.


Gamers should see Standing as a favor-based resource option to the syndicate mechanic, which tells a Tenno’s having favor with a specific syndicate. Players can only use Standing to buy their respective syndicates offerings with that syndicate, depending entirely on favors that the Tenno has done for them. Syndicate offerings are given ranks within the Syndicate to have a proper indication system. Increase Syndicate rank by acquiring specific amounts of Standing, and then by presenting credits and requisite items to jump in order to the next level. Tenno can select to spend their earned Standing on lower level offerings or save them to gain access to higher level offerings.

What are Warframe Promo Codes?

Talking about various aspects of the game, we cannot miss out on Warframe Platinum Promo Code. The gamer can use vouchers to get special powers and advantages while playing the game. Like the code FREESWORD, it can be used to get the Heat Sword. I recommend to use it after completing the Skana. We got more codes for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE which you can use:


Since most of the veteran players already used those vouchers. We prepared for you special codes, which are probably available only on our website. You can use every code once per account.

How to get Warframe Platinum Codes

  1. First of all, you have to press the button below.
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  3. Download/Open pdf file with vouchers.
  4. Finally, enjoy the game and spend resources on whatever you want.


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