Treasure Hunt Simulator codes 2018

Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes

Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes 2018 allow you to recive awesome rewards in-game. Thanks those rewards you can change your gameplay.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is one of the most popular user-generated social gaming platforms designed for young kids and teenagers. The platform is unique in the sense that it allows the players to create their own games using the Roblox Studio and share it with other fellow players. While some of the games on Roblox are from the developers, others have been designed by the players themselves. Basically, Roblox is a sandbox game, and most of the games are made using “bricks” which is very similar to Lego bricks. Players familiar with the programming language Lua can also use it to manipulate the various aspects of the game to support their gameplay.

The users of Roblox have various means through which they can sponsor and advertise their game. One can also make game passes which can then be sold to the interested consumers. There are also various other Developer products that can be bought and sold to the players. The creators of the products allowed to keep their share of the revenue while the rest of it goes to Roblox. Some of the commonly traded items in Roblox include T-shirts, shirts, pants, hats, and gears. The transactions are made using Robux, the main currency used in Roblox.

Treasure Hunt Simulator

Currently, Treasure Hunt Simulator or THS is one of the most popular game projects on Roblox. It is a simulator based game and is largely inspired by the snow shoveling simulator and epic mining. All the users of Roblox are open to editing the game. This is done so that the game remains popular with a large number of users. Since the game is based on a rather small island, it is very easy to keep track of all the activities going on within the game. It does not take a very long time to explore the game. The island is filled with huts, trees, signs, and torches. This helps in adding more content to the game.

The game has a very engaging aspect to it. Furthermore, the fact that it is based on a small area makes it easier to master the controls. The orientation of all the objects placed in the game is simply perfect. There are no glitches in any part, making the gameplay very smooth. Furthermore, the signboards offer easy cues to the part of the island you are in. All of these make the game highly suited for the young players. So far, the game has been successful in maintaining its popularity, and there have hardly been any complaints.

What are THS Codes?

The best part about THS is that the players are frequently provided with new promo codes that can be used for generating coins, the most vital in-game resource. The vouchers are usually offered under special circumstances, such as in exchange for promoting the game among other fellow players. For example, when the game received 100,000 likes, the players were given a code “100KLikes”, which when retrieved, offered them with a total sum of 250 coins for free.

The promo codes are released from various places such as Instagram profiles of the creators, wattpad, forums and more. However, it should be noted that new Treasure Hunt Simulator promo codes are added continually added while the old ones get outdated. Each of the Treasure Hunt Simulator codes comes with its own validity period. If not used within the given time, it does not work anymore.

How to use the THS Promo Codes?

In order to use the promo codes, just log into the game and go to the redeem code section. Here, you will find a box for entering the required code. Enter the correct code and hit “redeem code”. If it is a valid code, you will be shown a notification stating “code accepted”, followed by the number of coins retrieved.

What are the new Treasure Hunt Simulator codes 2018?

Many new promo codes have been added in the year 2018. Some of these are public while the others are only revealed upon completing a special survey. Some of the new vouchers have been mentioned below.

Island Update


What to keep in mind in mind while using the gift codes?

• Make sure that you make no mistake while entering the code
• Some of the vouchers are case sensitive. This should be taken into account
• If a code does not work despite entering it correctly, it means that it is no longer valid.