King of Avalon gift codes 2018

Gift Codes for King of Avalon

King of Avalon Gift Codes 2018 allow you to recive awesome rewards in-game.

What is King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare?

Do you like to play warfare games? If yes then you would surely enjoy playing King of Avalon. KoA is a free online strategy game, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. In the game, a player can become a king only by raising a dragon, by building an army and also by raising the powerful sword Excalibur. There are real players in the game so one can make friends as well as enemies with them and trade commodities. The background story of this game is that after King Arthur’s death the throne is left empty, so somebody has to take over it by beating all the enemies. This task of becoming King Arthur’s successor king Avalon is not an easy thing and the journey will take time until someone takes the throne.

Game Features:

  • There is war everywhere in the game, so one has to be well prepared to fight with clans. Players need to build up and army and also boost their resources by moving ahead in the game or by using the King of Avalon gift codes to get gold and other resources.
  • There are alliances for everyone as it is not possible to rally against the troops against.
  • There are dragons which one has to use for destruction but one has to train his own dragon.
  • You can even chat with the players from all around the world which is a great feature; it makes everybody from around the world connect with each other.
  • There are a lot of skills that player can use while playing the game so one should know how to strategize it.
  • The players have to build a strong empire in order to survive the dragon war zone.
  • It has some of the best graphics features with some great monsters. This all looks like a fantasy.

KoA LogoIn order to get the resources to upgrade and move ahead in the game, the player can use gift codes for King of Avalon what will help in winning and getting free gold. KoA is a awesome game to play but after a point moving ahead in the game become difficult, one has to fight enemies, make friends, capture structures and upgrade the army for which one does need proper resources, for doing all this and upgrading in the game player can easily use KoA vouchers. Thanks to that you can easily increase the resources of gold, iron, food, and silver.

The code “Generator” – 34% of Players Fall for this

Almost one of three players who visit King of Avalon “Generator” sites get viruses or worse… blackmailed! One of my friends even had his hard driver wiped by some Russian scammer. The “generator” is for those who are addictive players and really want to move ahead in the game. Those things can be found online and also there is no need to download the APK file on the PC. Remember, there is no such thing as KoA Codes “Generator”!

How to get gift codes for King of Avalon 2018?

Here you can get some of the vouchers that will reward you with tons of gold and other resources. This is feature is only available for iOS and Android devices. We got these codes from KoA developers.

How to redeem a voucher?

  • Click on the “Get Access” button.
  • Open a PDF file with KoA codes list.
  • Enjoy playing the game with all the currency that you have got.

The King of Avalon gift codes 2018 are a blessing for those who are crazy about the game and cannot wait for more resources to get unlocked. With these vouchers, you can easily build your army, give them food, and use gold to move ahead of your opponent, raid, and trade.


Tricks and tips for the game:

  •  Player has to try and upgrade their stronghold, without this it is basically not possible to unlock the necessary building needed to move ahead.
  • One has to make the most out of the resources, it is suggested to use as much as resources as possible before logging off. After returning back to the game you can use the fresh resources. These resources can also be used to help the troops in battle and to boost their energy which helps when they attack.
  • Target stronger opponents if you want the resources of the other players. You can also raid weaker opponents but, the stronger one has a bigger amount of resources, which is why it is better to raid them.
  • A player should have a good defense, in order to protect you from enemy attacks. You should know how to confuse your enemies and set up your army. Always upgrade a defensive structure to survive.
  • There are three dragon types to choose from, the offensive, defensive and the support dragons. Choosing the dragon depends upon your playing style and also on what you think is the right dragon to help you win more in raiding.

KoA is a great multiplayer game if played strategically by using all the skills and resources. It is not only necessary to fight the enemies but also to make allies in order to move ahead in the game and player can use vouchers to get more resources which would be helpful in moving ahead and raiding the opponents. A good player should follow the tips and tricks given above to play well and intelligently. Have fun.